An article in the June 27th issue of the LA Times references LifeFirst! The article focuses on Dr. George Delgado and his pioneering Abortion Pill Reversal protocol, opening with a quote from Dr. Delgado’s remarks at LifeFirst’s Dinner for Life in April. APR has saved over 5,000 babies by reversing the effects of the chemical abortion pill, mifepristone. As expected, the LA Times article is biased and has many mistruths.  

However, the mention of LifeFirst illustrates our growing stature and attests to LifeFirst’s focus on cutting edge speakers and resources. In fact, Dr. Delgado ended his remarks at the banquet by stating, “…I am extremely grateful to LifeFirst for being so forward thinking and for being early adopters of chemical Abortion Pill Reversal.” He went on to say, “…I ask you to join in their mission and expand their sphere of influence…” Click here to read the LA Times article, which actually links to LifeFirst’s video of Dr. Delgado’s keynote address when quoting his remarks. Please watch the video and share with others!

Despite featuring Dr. Delgado, the foremost pro-life speaker of our time, the LifeFirst banquet experienced diminished donations from previous years.  We are in very uncertain economic times and the event took place during the primary season when people were actively giving to worthy political candidates. We ask that you please consider a summertime donation.  As Dr. Delgado stated, LifeFirst is forward thinking, and we are growing nationwide! Since October of 2023, the abortion strongholds of New York City and Chicago have become two of our top cities for Facebook engagement via our When Does Life Begin social media campaign. Your gift will help us increase our impact in changing hearts and minds to restore a respect for each life!

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