Healing Following Abortion

Regret, distress and depression often follow an abortion decision – for both women and men.  These feelings may emerge immediately or resurface years later. 

Lana Sanders knows the trauma and despair of abortion.  Thankfully, she found healing and has since helped many like herself and her husband find peace and forgiveness.  At the July Monthly Meeting, Lana will share her story of restoration following her two abortions and her husband Ray’s involvement in another. 

Lana has just completed the second edition of her book, But I Can’t Forgive Myself, where she shares her unique perspective on the message of God’s redemption. 

Lana states, “What we want to deny, God wants to redeem. While we want to give God our very best, He wants our worst, first.  There is no shame greater than God’s love.  He can take the ashes of our lives and bring beauty forth in not only our lives but the ripple effect is unending.”  What a message of freedom and promise!

In 1994 Lana and Ray founded Crisis Pregnancy Center Central in Houston and served as directors for seven years.  Through counseling, writing, teaching and prison ministry Lana has guided many toward forgiveness and restoration!

 For the July 30 Monthly Meeting, we are hoping to return to in-person meetings.  Please keep abreast of developments via the LifeFirst Facebook and website.

Tentative plans: 

  • Thursday, July 30
  • 7-8:30 pm
  • KC Event Center 2655 Farm to Market Rd 1488, Conroe, TX 77384
  • Hand sanitizer and social distancing protections will be in place.  The KC Event Center can hold 200.  So chairs will be spaced apart.  We encourage the use of masks. 
  • We plan to also livestream the event so you can participate from home as well

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