BRAVE Books, an exciting company based in Conroe, TX, is partnering with LifeFirst! They aim to counter the progressive agenda that dominates children’s literature with engaging children’s books that teach the traditional values that make America special! 

In order to celebrate the overturning of Roe and further the pro-life message, BRAVE books is giving away 10,000 copies of their book Little Lives Matter!  Click here to claim your free book.

In addition, they are offering LifeFirst families 25% off their total order! When you place your order, simply enter the promo code “lifefirst” to receive an additional 25% off! 

The people at BRAVE Books recognize the value of motivating young people!  LifeFirst is thrilled that they have pledged four Treasure Boxes for the winners of the LifeFirst Poster Art Contest!   

The Treasure Boxes have a retail value of $199 and include the book Little Lives Matter, focused on the pro-life message. Click here to learn more about this delightful collection and check out all the wonderful products your children will love!