Sanctity of Life

LifeFirst’s Sanctity of Life effort illustrates two important truths – each of us has a part to play in the defense of innocent human life and God works in mysterious ways!  Keep reading to see how God’s hand moved to create this unique prayer circle, how you can be a part, and one man’s life-changing testimony!

Through John Salmon, who served as a TDCJ chaplain for 33 years, men incarcerated in Estelle and Wynne prisons were presented with the opportunity to take the “night shift” hours for our local 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. During the vigil hundreds of inmates participated.  At the conclusion of that 40 Days campaign the men were invited to continue our prayer partnership. They enthusiastically agreed and Sanctity of Life was born.

Prisoners praying hands
Group community People diverse hands holding circle to pray for God each other support together teamwork

Once a week, LifeFirst sends prayer points to inmate leaders in several prison units.  Pro-lifers outside prison can also sign up to receive the weekly prayer points thereby creating a circle of prayer that connects believers inside and outside the walls!  The prayer points cover local, national and sometimes international pro-life issues.  What a powerful partnership!

You can be part of this unique ministry.  Simply sign up here to receive the weekly prayer points!

In addition to the weekly prayer points, LifeFirst also holds events in the prisons – chapel services focused on the value of life, screenings of pro-life movies, etc. Through the in-person events we can directly share the value of life and build relationship with the pro-life warriors in prison – affirming them in their commitment to be protectors of women, children and the vulnerable.

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The Sanctity of Life effort is very powerful both in terms of prayer and as a restorative experience for the inmates.  Sanctity of Life team leader, Ken Brink, received this powerful and moving letter from one of the incarcerated men who partners with us in prayer.