In Texas, the babies are coming… are you ready? By knowing how to assist a mom in need, you can help make a precious baby’s entrance into the world a joyous, hope-filled occasion! 

Our August Monthly Meeting featured three pro-life ministries and the unique ways they serve women, both emotionally and materially. If you were not able to attend, the video is now available!

This August, September, and October, we are experimenting with a new format — the podcast! With so many fellow Americans still in favor of abortion, on the fence, or fighting for Life in pro-abortion states, our Monthly Meetings are too valuable to keep to ourselves!

Our hosts, Sean Brenon and Gabby Harris, have both been involved with LifeFirst in various ways.  We look forward to their fresh and insightful perspectives as they bring to light critical pro-life issues.

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In this video, Sean is joined by guests, Susan Gallagher from the Gabriel Project and Gary Thome, leader of Walking with Moms in Need. We also hear from Adrienne Walsh and Ashley Coggins from Embrace Grace.

These ministries focus on providing for immediate material needs – including formula, diapers, car seats, beds, financial assistance, etc. But they offer much more. They make sure mothers feel supported every step of the way!

For instance, when a mom in need reaches out to Gabriel Project, she’s assigned a Gabriel “angel,” a dedicated mentor and friend who helps connect her with resources to meet her specific needs. This mom’s Gabriel angel gave her the confidence she needed to bring her beautiful twins into the world!

Embrace Grace partners with local churches so they are ready to help when a mom reaches out. Each pregnant mom is given a Love Box, which includes a personal invitation to a church-hosted support group, stories from both a parenting mom and birth mom, a letter of hope, a journal that encourages her to be fearless, a ‘Best Gift Ever’ onesie, and A Bump in Life book that includes testimonies that offer single and pregnant moms hope. This loving relational support helps a woman see that she can have her baby and her dreams, too!

Those who attended our live meeting also learned about LoveLine, a ministry founded by Abby Johnson. Women from around the nation can reach out by phone 24/7 and be connected to local resources for physical, financial, and emotional support. They are available every day of the year and will provide ongoing support for the mom, ensuring her most critical needs are met. Please watch this wonderful testimonial of one mom whose life was changed by reaching out to LoveLine for help.

Now more than ever, Texas women will be looking for these resources. By making ourselves aware of the many layers of help available, we can be prepared to assist a woman in need.

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