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No Limbs Required

The call to eliminate the disabled has never been more blatant.  While denying a eugenics’ motive, many in our own country advocate the lifting of abortion restrictions in the case of disability.  The result of such laws can be seen in countries like Iceland, where only 2-3 Down Syndrome births occur per year.  The UK is not far behind, where 90% of these babies are aborted. In the US the rate is estimated to be 66%. Rather than using prenatal genetic testing to help identify and prepare for a baby who might have difficulties, abortion often is the “course of treatment”.

To deny life to the disabled is a terrible brutality.

Guest speaker, Edgar Pacheco Jr., is evidence of the rich life available despite a severe disability.  Although born with no arms or legs, he lives a joyful life focused on others.

Edgar, a recent graduate of Pearland High School, has spent years serving and mentoring his peers.  He was a very active high school student and shows no signs of slowing down! Edgar attends San Jacinto College and feels called to politics. Soon after his high school graduation, he ran for the Pearland School Board and was a summer intern for Congressman Pete Olsen. Check out this ABC 13 Game Changer video to learn more about this amazing young man who encourages us all to “take risks and know what you’re living for.

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