Norman, let’s look at your false contentions.

Firstly, abortion is NOT healthcare. Traditionally, health care refers to treatment to correct a state of disease or ill health. Pregnancy is a natural state and is not a form of disease or ill health. 

Secondly, it is very much the province of government to protect and balance the rights of human beings. In your comment you refer to the “baby” and even admit that the baby has life, but you justify ignoring the human Right to Life by claiming the unborn’s life is “incomplete”. You are attempting to justify a framework of degrees of humanity. There is no such thing. 

For something as important as human life, there must be an objective, science-based criteria. DNA is the scientific identifier of life. Our DNA from the moment of conception will not only identify us scientifically as “human”, but it identifies us personally from that moment until our death. 

The position of valuing one human life over another is the very basis of oppression throughout the world. That thinking is what justifies slavery, discrimination, and genocide…You are trying to pit unborn humans against women. We MUST support and balance the rights of both.  

Michael, please clarify why you believe abortion is healthcare. In abortion, life is destroyed, not restored.

Michael then responded with the following: 

Abortion is the procedure when a woman miscarries and the fetus doesn’t get expelled. That is healthcare. If there is no abortion, the woman will die.

Michael, miscarriage and abortion are not the same thing. Abortion is the willful ending of a living human. Miscarriage care is simply helping the woman expel the dead fetus. One is healthcare, the other is not.