At the September Monthly Meeting, LifeFirst hosts, Sean and Gabby, had an enlightening conversation with Nathan Crumby, adopted son of Brian and Anita Crumby, and New Life Adoptions representative, Trisha Riggs. Nathan’s mother made the loving choice to allow others to give her child the life she could not.

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The history of adoption dates to the Roman empire, but it wasn’t until the 1850s that the welfare of the child became paramount in the practice, and legislation was enacted to ensure the child’s well-being. Adoption has long been part of the fabric of American society, but since Roe v. Wade, domestic infant adoption has almost disappeared.

In fact, the latest CDC statistics are telling of the impact of legalized abortion. Prior to Roe v. Wade, approximately 9% of babies born to never-married women under 45 were placed for adoption. Following Roe, that number quickly dropped to 2% in the 1980s and then to 1% by 2002.

Today, for every newborn placed for adoption, 36 couples yearn to adopt. With the reversal of Roe, many expect that the inevitable baby boom will give hope to these couples and many unborn children. According to this New York Post article, the number of infant adoptions in America could double.

Nathan Crumby was adopted locally through New Life Adoptions in Tomball. Nathan joined the Crumby family at just 2 days old and was raised with the awareness that he was adopted. He enjoyed a happy life in a loving Christian home. Unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to meet his birth mother.

When Nathan was just 8 years old, his birth mother, Karen, unexpectedly died in a car accident. He recalls the night his parents woke him and said they needed to talk to him about Karen. Before they could explain, however, Nathan looked at them and asked, “She died, didn’t she?” Surprised, they confirmed the tragic news but had no details to share with him at the time.

But as they tucked Nathan in, he rolled over and said, “If she hadn’t been reaching for her medicine, she’d be okay!” When Anita asked how he knew this he said, “I don’t know. I just…do.” Two days later, they learned that Karen had died in a single-car accident, overcorrecting her car and hitting the middle median. Somehow, his “knowing” brought him comfort.

Nathan shares the unique perspective of the adopted child, including the questions and confusion he faced in adolescence, and the understanding that came through maturity and connection with his birth grandparents. While Brian and Anita Crumby have publicly shared their experience as adoptive parents on several occasions, this is the first time Nathan has spoken publicly about life as an adopted son!

Trisha Riggs joined us as well to explain how current legislation is impacting adoption, and how New Life Adoptions’ open adoption policy helps make the process as smooth and loving as possible for birth mothers, adoptive families, and, of course, for the babies.

Adoption is in the national spotlight as well with the recent release of the movie, Lifemark. Inspired by a true story, this collaborative effort of Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers was extended in theaters after an extraordinary opening weekend, when it claimed the #2 spot in the nation! If you have not yet seen this unapologetically pro-life movie, we highly encourage you do.

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