Interesting news has come out this week on a couple celebrity fronts – from one leaning pro-life to the other praising the right of “choice”. Britney Spears admitted she had an abortion when she was young – something she now describes as “one of the most agonizing things I have ever experienced in my life.” On the flip side, Hailey Bieber partnered with Chelsea Handler to promote Planned Parenthood as “healthcare” and sought to garner donations for the company who could have easily aborted her now husband when he was yet in the womb (Justin’s mother has admitted, were it not for her Christian faith, she felt she would have aborted her son Justin when she experienced an unplanned pregnancy).

What do these two celebrities have in common? I would venture to say a lot of it was and is education on the topic of abortion and abortion facilities. Britney admits she felt she didn’t have the support of her child’s father, and like 64% of women who pursue abortion, she felt pressured to abort her baby. As for Hailey Bieber, I would like to know if she has ever read the research on Planned Parenthood and learned about how a surgical abortion is performed and that Planned Parenthood has been caught profiting from fetal tissue, Medicaid fraud, etc. Would she really support them if she knew? I like to think she wouldn’t. 

While we are out there praying in front of Planned Parenthood, let’s remember to pray for people’s eyes to be opened and their hearts softened to the realities of abortion – that it would become unthinkable to them, as it so clearly is to us. That they would live the lives God created them to live – Ephesians 5:8 “For at one time you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light.”

Let us also not shy away from chances to talk with others about what pro-life and pro-choice really mean – whether it be in front of Planned Parenthood or out to lunch with a friend. Let us not allow our family members or friends to walk around in the darkness of misunderstanding about “choice”. We have to work to inform our communities about issues concerning life and the realities of abortion, because if we don’t, then they are left to seek information from sources like Planned Parenthood who cannot be trusted to deliver the truth – even on simple topics such as what does an 8-week-old fetus look like (spoiler alert, they are not a clump of cells). 

Continue to pray hard and be bold – and be so proud of the great work you are doing! 

If you have not signed up for Vigil hours, please visit our site for time slots that need to be filled. You will also find health resource sheets and prayer points available. Please reach out with any questions!
We will continue fighting the good fight through prayer and presence at abortion facilities!

God bless you,
Brittany P.
Spring – Leader