It’s hard to believe this is the last week of the Fall 40 Days for Life vigil 2023! Everyone has done such an amazing job of praying and being present at Planned Parenthood to serve as a resource for individuals in vulnerable situations. Special shoutout to those who made it out last Friday during the site visit from the 40 Days for Life headquarters team – they really enjoyed being there and praying with ya’ll! There was also a great story that was shared with me from Friday’s vigil that I wanted to share with you all: 

“We were approached by a woman who had parked her car at the opposite end of the parking lot and walked back toward us. She asked about the sign I was holding, ‘Ask me about healing after abortion’ and also about the sign ‘Ask me about abortion pill reversal’ which she had not heard of before. As we spoke with her, we gave her one of our gift bags and showed her the Health Services List where she could find more help with both. She seemed genuinely interested, though we were unsure if she was asking for herself, for someone else, or for general information. She shared that while she was inclined to disagree with our position, when she drove by and saw us standing there, she wanted to find out ‘what we were about.’ She seemed touched, saying that she appreciated that our time is valuable, and the fact that we chose to use that time to physically stand there showed that we were acting from our hearts. She was given a number to reach out to talk further, and we pray that she will. This interaction confirms that our presence makes a difference…both for those going into Planned Parenthood or just driving by.”

If you have been wanting to go to pray and hold vigil outside of Planned Parenthood, but have yet to make it out – I encourage you to take the time this week. Speaking from experience and from others I’ve spoken to it can be such a source of peace in your week as you submit that hour to God and let him work through you for the good of others. It’s not too late to sign up here

God bless you and let’s finish strong team!!!
Brittany P.
Spring – Leader