Many of you tuned in or have watched the recording of our June 2020 Monthly Meeting on adult stem cell therapy.  We were joined by Will Boytim, whose son Robert suffered a non-fatal drowning accident in 2018.  After 37 days in the hospital, Robert’s care was virtually discontinued and he was discharged with little hope of ever walking, talking or even waking up. But praise God! The Boytims believed He had other plans and have willingly embarked on the journey they call Robert’s Road!

We are thrilled to share this video of Robert, taken in May, walking down the aisle at his sister’s wedding!  This was his walking debut, surrounded by friends who have encircled this family in prayer and support.  His mobility and ability to communicate continues to rapidly improve, as can be seen in even more recent videos posted on their Facebook page, Robert’s Road – How You Can Pray and Help.  Please enjoy and share, as people need to hear about the hope for healing but also the dangers we all face from quick decisions to deny medical care in traumatic injury situations.

The past three years have been a journey the Boytims never expected, one no parent would ask for.  Robert’s therapies have been numerous, extensive, and groundbreaking.  But their refusal to quit searching for solutions has not only brought healing to Robert but has had  far-reaching benefits for others facing brain injury and/or a denial of critical medical care.

Their website, is a resource that provides direction and hope. Its primary emphasis is the tremendous benefit realized when hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is administered soon after injury.  Additionally, the website has a wealth of testimonials and information on other therapies, including adult stem cell therapy, which does not utilize embryonic stem cells. If you would like to donate to the support of or Robert’s ongoing therapy, you can use PayPal to send donations to