Last Saturday, we gathered to worship and dedicate the spring 40 Days for Life vigil to God. In doing so, we remembered and honored a very special little girl, Darcy Anne Ramos. Darcy was diagnosed in utero with Trisomy 18, a genetic abnormality that is life-limiting. Though Darcy’s time outside her mother’s womb was short, only 15 days, her impact on this world was far reaching and is ongoing!

If you missed the Kickoff, click the link below to watch a recap of the event, where Tracy eloquently and passionately shares about their experience and the impact of Darcy’s life. You may also want to view Darcy – A Trisomy 18 Story of Faith and Hope, a beautiful 18-minute documentary.

Kickoff Rally

Darcy – A Trisomy 18 Story of Faith and Hope   

The exploitation of precious children like Darcy furthers the pro-abortion agenda by claiming that it’s cruel to both mother and child to “carry to bury,” as they callously say. The Ramos’ found that nothing was further from the truth, saying their time with Darcy was “the closest to God we have ever been.” Tracy further explains:

“Darcy’s life on earth was brief, but it demonstrates the value of life and the potential of all life. Even now, more than 15 years later, God is using my little Darcy to change lives and to stop abortion. So much for being “incompatible with life.”

It’s for babies like Darcy, and the millions of others, that we continue to pray outside of abortion facilities, especially during 40 Days for Life. Our presence and prayers are a witness to God and people that all babies are precious and valued, not “imperfect” or “unwanted.” Make a commitment to join us through March 24 to stand for those who cannot do so for themselves. Visit 40 Days for Life Spring to sign up for a vigil time. If you need 40 Days signs or LifeFirst gift bags, please contact so we can arrange a pickup time!

Lastly, if you know anyone facing the diagnosis of a fetal anomaly, both the Darcy documentary and Tracy’s book, Letters to Darcy would be excellent resources to share with them.