LifeFirst is excited to host a community booth at the Texas Conservative Mama’s Truth Tour on Friday, September 24! A powerful female line up will take a “deep dive” into the 87th legislative session, shedding light onto what did and didn’t happen and why…from the ladies’ perspective!  

We love taking our message to events like these, where we can communicate the value of life in fun and comfortable settings.  In these casual environments, we educate people about the value of each life and inform people how they can get involved! 

Despite the challenges of Covid, we’ve had booths at over a dozen events in 2021 – including the Texas Youth Summit and GreatLife Teens’ Save America event. These were great opportunities for LifeFirst staff and volunteers to connect with pro-active youth and young adults.  Not only were we able to hand out information on our many student opportunities, but we also gave away When Does Life Begin t-shirts, promoting our exciting social media campaign! 

We hope to see you at this FREE event. Be sure to drop by our table and say hello while you’re there!