The resources below will help prepare you to answer the tough questions surrounding abortion. The videos total about 1.5 hours and cover a lot of ground. They will be a great place to start.

Pro-Life Replies E-Course (follow this link to watch videos below – 30 Minutes total)

These short videos address the most common pro-choice arguments.

The True Story Behind Roe v. Wade (10 minutes)

Sex Abuse Cover-up at Planned Parenthood – Overview (5 minutes)

Abortion is not Healing for Rape Victims (3 minutes)

A Conversation with a Former Abortionist: Is abortion ever medically necessary? (6.5 minutes)

What is abortion? (30 minutes of videos and other information)

4 Ob-Gyns, former abortionists who are now pro-life advocates, describe 4 methods of abortion, D&E, suction D&C, abortion pill, and induction. These are used in different stages of pregnancy.

History of the Abortion Pill (11 minutes)

This type of abortion is also called a medical or chemical abortion and is a two-pill process.

Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Article 

This article informs about Abortion Pill Reversal, a life-saving protocol that may save a baby’s life if the mother regrets taking the first pill and doesn’t want to go through with the abortion. Includes a touching video testimony who discovered APR online and was able to get help in time to save her baby.