The resources below will help prepare you to answer the tough questions surrounding abortion. The videos total about 1.5 hours and cover a lot of ground. They will be a great place to start.

We are also preparing a FAQ Synopsis compiled from actual questions and answers on our When Does Life Begin Facebook page. The FAQ answers are more in-depth and often provide source citations. When this document is ready, we will upload it here.

A good training strategy would be to watch the videos and then use the When Does Life Begin FAQ Synopsis to practice answering these common questions. Perhaps you could meet with one another or ask a friend or parent to pose the questions to you and listen to your replies.

Using these resources in this way would comprise approximately 6 hours of training time to be added to your activity log.

Pro-Life Replies E-Course (follow this link to watch videos below – 30 Minutes total)

These short videos address the most common pro-choice arguments.

The True Story Behind Roe v. Wade (10 minutes)

Sex Abuse Cover-up at Planned Parenthood – Overview (5 minutes)

Abortion is not Healing for Rape Victims (3 minutes)

A Conversation with a Former Abortionist: Is abortion ever medically necessary? (6.5 minutes)

What is abortion? (30 minutes of videos and other information)

4 Ob-Gyns, former abortionists who are now pro-life advocates, describe 4 methods of abortion, D&E, suction D&C, abortion pill, and induction. These are used in different stages of pregnancy.

History of the Abortion Pill (11 minutes)

This type of abortion is also called a medical or chemical abortion and is a two-pill process.

Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) Article 

This article informs about Abortion Pill Reversal, a life-saving protocol that may save a baby’s life if the mother regrets taking the first pill and doesn’t want to go through with the abortion. Includes a touching video testimony who discovered APR online and was able to get help in time to save her baby.