On Saturday, June 25, LifeFirst participated in the Roe is Gone event sponsored by GreatLife Teens.  Myah Abraham is the founder of GreatLife Teens and a former participant in LifeFirst’s student contests.  I had the opportunity to be one of the speakers marking the historic Dobbs decision.  What a blessed step forward!  

With half the nation still encouraging abortions, we have a long road ahead.  However, it was a wonderful feeling for Dr. Joe Morrison, LifeFirst board president, and me to be at the event in the shadow of the largest abortion facility in the United States and not see one car go in or out of their parking lot!  It is not too difficult to imagine the day soon in which we will be back outside Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, celebrating its permanent closure.  The day is coming!

Please enjoy these photos and know that you are part of the victory that we commemorated that day!

Teresa Strack
Executive Director