LifeFirst volunteer, Lisa Kamerer, shares exciting news after responding to Abby Johnson’s call to pray at Planned Parenthood and asks for continued prayer for young mom!

“The 40 Days for Life campaign runs twice a year and I am always actively involved. Well, this year was different and I figured I’ll take a sidewalk break. After attending the Life & Liberty event and listening to Abby Johnson urge the Church to put their faith to action, I was convicted. I barely went to the sidewalk this campaign. I went one time at Louetta Planned Parenthood. Now, that the campaign is coming to an end, I figured I’ll go next one. Little did I know that I wasn’t the only one convicted that night. My friend sitting right next to me looked over and said to me, I want to go with you to the sidewalk. Let’s go! Ok! When a friend is willing to go, you GO! Plus it was her first time, so I knew I had to GO! 

Looking back on my week, it was pretty bad everyday. I was feeling really sad, discouraged about doing anything. I really didn’t want to go pray at Big PP, but I knew I had to go for my friend. I didn’t want to back out on my YES.  The next morning, I reminded myself that it’s a NEW DAY. I prayed some short prayer to get me moving. I put on my When Does Life Begin shirt and bright lipstick to motivate me for the day! 

Friday morning traffic going down to Houston was a breeeeezzzeee! We arrived around 9:40am. 
There were 4 prayer women. Quite honestly, I didn’t plan to sidewalk counsel. I wanted to focus on prayer with no interacting with clients. 

A woman from the Catholic Church approached me if any of us were sidewalk counselors. Without even hesitating I responded. A woman was about to leave and I would be taking her spot where she was standing. 
There are two main entrances where clients go in and out. We never know which one a car will choose. They usually choose the entrance where there is less people to avoid interactions. Sidewalk counselors are trained to approach the vehicle with a warm smile and eye contact. The initial eye contact says, “I see you. You see me.” 

PP got real busy. There were cars coming in so fast , it was so hard to keep up.  Then it happened…. car #1, #2, #3 rolled down her window to hear what I had to say.  “Hello! What are you coming in for? Birth control. I have appointment. It’s ok. You can talk to me. PP only wants your money. They will wait for you. Do you know the risks and long term effects of use? What will you do when birth control fails you? Did you know the best form of birth control is Abstinence?”

All the women I approached were polite and were listening to what I had to say. Before they drive in, I ask to pray. All the women says Yes. God prompts me to pray different things, but the message is the same. You are loved. God knows where you are and He sees you. He loves you. I always let the woman know about the Baby Blue Blossom bus parked across the street. It’s a free service for pregnancy test and ultrasound. No appointment. No questions. Handed every woman a card with contact for resource help.  There was a time when chatting with a woman, caused a back up ???? . No one was honking. They all patiently waited. No one tried to run me over. I looked up and saw a sidewalk filled with Prayer Warriors! It was so beautiful hard to describe❤️❤️❤️ It was not me doing the work!!! Prayers were being answered!!! 

Car #4 “Hello! What are you coming in for?” Abortion consult. “There’s a blue bus behind you that can give you a free ultrasound. Just back out and park. I’ll go with you.”  Before she exits her car, I can sense she is downcast.  I say, “I was 22 when I had abortion. I was alone and scared. Abortion didn’t fix my problem. That’s why I come out here to help women choose Life. I am here for you. “

We saw her 10 weeks old baby in the ultrasound!! Strong BEATING heart, all body parts. Baby was hiding it’s face with hands. Woman says, “After seeing ultrasound, I cannot have an abortion.” ?????

The woman said she wasn’t planning to go today, neither was I. ?–

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