It was a chilly and blustery morning!

Brrrrrr!!!     A group of four prayer warriors joined me early at Planned Parenthood, but they weren’t dressed warmly, and had to leave after about half an hour.   It was cold out there!!   Although the new medical facility right  there is now open, PP was still disappointingly busy.   It was too chilly for any approaches, but a few clients did respond to my greeting waves.

An army of prayer warriors arrive!

A large group of about 30 men arrived at 9:30 to relieve me.   I’m pretty sure they were with our Saturday morning rosary friends.   I’m thinking they must have been there for a special respect Life event.     I know it sure was good to see that large group of men standing for Life as I drove by on my way out.   What a message their presence was!
It was a blessing to serve this morning!

Blessings to you!

Joe W.

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