I made plans to be at Planned Parenthood Gulf freeway on May 7 and had a couple friends come out to pray so that I can sidewalk counsel.  When I am on the sidewalk, I engage with every person whether they are coming in for PP service or deliveries. Whoever God allows me to engage, I will use that opportunity! 

Today, we arrived at 10:30 am and the sidewalk was very quiet. Planned Parenthood parking lot was very light. It appears the ladies getting abortions had already been there and cars were picking up for pick up arrival…

My first encounter was with Tony. He was wandering around the exit of PP.  I called out to him to see what he was doing there.  He said he was with his brother and girlfriend coming in for services. I informed him about the Blue Bus parked across the street where his girlfriend can go get community help.  Unfortunately, I saw the woman come out with a luggage bag entering PP. I tried to tell Tony to go pass on the info to her and get her out. He was uninterested in doing so and began to converse about other matters. He was so interested in my engagement ring that he asked about the material and to see it. I was very hesitant, but I used that opportunity to share with him the meaning of my ring. My husband created the ring by having 2 equal diamonds on each side of the diamond which was bigger in size. God is the center of our marriage and he holds our marriage together. ((( Tony was listening )))) We talked for quite a while and I am so thankful my prayer warriors were nearby to PRAY. 

He allowed us to pray for him and his needs. He said, “needed that.” We tried to educate him as much as we can to let him know about the largest abortion clinic and WHY we were present. We are here to engage women and men to help them choose Life in the Name of Jesus. Please pray for this gentleman. 

The next encounter was a young woman, who was 6 weeks pregnant. She was at PP last week for an ultrasound that cost $150. She came back to get the chemical abortion, which cost $350. She shared that she was struggling with the decision to go through with it. She asked God for a sign. I approached her car and she stopped to engage in conversation with me. She told me, “Now I know my answer when you approached me.”  Praise God!!! This young woman is getting married and was looking to abort to fit into her wedding dress. Her wedding is June 13. We had a heart-to-heart conversation and to make sure that a temporary decision for a dress is not worth killing your baby for. We prayed and she has been informed where to go for community resources. 

The next encounter was with a man coming to sell his service for photography and videography. He’s a Christian radiant man just looking to sell his business. I made sure to tell him this Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion clinic on the western-hemisphere and what he’s doing is supporting them. He tells me I don’t let politics get in the way of my business.  I said, “Ok, if I worked for PP, you would use your service to promote PP.  Sir, if I saw YOUR business stamped alongside PP business I would not support your business! If you’re looking for clients, I will pray God will bless you where you don’t have to provide services to PP.”  He never thought of it that way! He said, he wants to get my story out!!!! 

My next encounter was with a woman driving into PP. She was there for a mammogram, but PP didn’t have any openings for her. She was in distress and I offered to pray for her. We prayed that God would walk with her and pray for a miracle that whatever was found in her breast would be completely removed in the Name of Jesus. The spirit urged me to ask if she had a Bible. She did in her car! It was really beat up, but the pages were intact!!!  What’s inside is what matters!!! I shared my life verse Psalm 23 with her and prayed over her again. “The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not be in want. He makes me lie down on green pastures and He restores my soul…” ❤️❤️❤️

After this conversation, we saw a woman go into the pregnancy bus and I approached the man sitting in the car. I offered him some water and had a brief conversation with him. He allowed me to pray for him and his girlfriend’s situation. We thank God for directing them to the pregnancy bus, where they were informed by another friend. ???

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