While Governor Abbott’s ban on surgical abortion in response to COVID-19 remains in effect, medication abortions were allowed to resume in Texas last week.  Medication abortions account for about 39% of abortions in the United States, and the trend is for that to increase.  In many European nations, medication abortions constitute 60% or more.  

Theresa Camara of Houston Coalition for Life will speak on this important and timely issue. Since receiving FDA approval in 2000, the usage of RU-486 has steadily increased among American women. Media outlets like Teen Vogue and Cosmopolitan that target young women, heap praise on the procedure. They disregard not only the death of the babies but also the risk to women. In the spring of 2019, the FDA reported the deaths of 24 women that were “associated with” RU-486, and 4200 “adverse events” like hospitalizations and injuries.

Of particular recent concern is the promotion of do-it-yourself, at-home abortions through an otherwise reputable humanitarian group, Doctors Without Borders. The group teamed up with howtousedabortionpill.org to create an online guide for self-abortion utilizing RU-486. Using a cartoon-based format, instructions are given on how to “push out the pregnancy.” Read more here. While the danger to the baby is obvious, the women face increased risk since no medical personnel will be present if a complication arises.

As this method becomes more commonplace, it is imperative that we are prepared to give a ready answer, spoken in love. The April 30th meeting will cover:

  1. What is medication abortion?  How does it differ from the “morning after pill”?
  2. How the two-pill process of RU-486 works.
  3. Complications that can arise from the use of RU-486.
  4. Remedies for RU-486 – namely Abortion Pill Reversal
  5. Talking points to help abortion minded women in regards to RU-486
  6. How should parents talk to their teens about this growing abortion method – which seems more “natural” and may seem more “acceptable”.

We invite you to participate in this informative nuts-and-bolts overview!​

The event will air Thursday, April 30 at 7:00 PM Central time. Additional details are still to come.

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