While pro-life advocacy in America began long before Roe v. Wade, the stakes were raised on January 22, 1973, the day abortion was made legal throughout our nation.  Since that time, pro-life Americans have been fighting an uphill battle in defense of the unborn.  On January 22 the following year, the first March for Life was held in Washington, DC. This grassroots demonstration grew into an annual event meant to memorialize the tragic decision until the day it is reversed, and it has since been mirrored across the nation.

As pro-life legislators remain vigilant to erode Roe v. Wade from the top down, these and countless other grassroots efforts have created attitude change that builds a respect for the life from the ground up!  Both have been necessary to bring us closer than ever to seeing Roe v. Wade overturned!

On Saturday, January 22, Sanctity of Human Life Day, pro-lifers across the country will be coming out in force in support of Life.  Our numbers will speak a clear message to our elected officials, the media, and the abortion industry that the pro-life movement is growing and not backing down! 

LifeFirst is excited to take part in two rallies that day.  We will host an information booth at the Texas Rally for Life in Austin.  And for the first time, Teresa Strack will have the honor of speaking at the Rise Up for Life Rally in Hallettsville.

Texas Rally for Life – Austin

Join LifeFirst and thousands of Texans as we march to the Capitol in Austin! The Texas Rally for Life is organized by the Texas Alliance for Life.  The march begins at 1 pm, starting at the parking garages at 14th & San Jacinto.  It concludes at the south steps of the Capitol where the rally, featuring inspiring state and national speakers, will commence at 2 pm. Following the rally, visit the pro-life Expo, where LifeFirst will participate with an informational table, alongside many other amazing organizations!  Click here for a map of the march route and all event locations.

Let’s march together!  To join LifeFirst and march together as a group, plan to meet at 12:30 pm at our informational table in the EXPO area outside the Capitol.  We can then walk together to the parking garages where the march begins.

Rise Up for Life Rally – Hallettsville

To join a march closer to home, head to Hallettsville for the Rise Up for Life Rally! Participants will meet at the Hallettsville post office at 9 am, and the march to the Lavaca County Courthouse will start at 9:15.  The Rally Program will begin at 9:30 and will feature our very own Teresa Strack! 

For the most ambitious of you, the hour-long program will conclude in time for you to head to Austin to take part in the Rally for Life as well!  For information and updates, follow Rise Up for Life Lavaca on Facebook.

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