Monthly Meetings

Doing Life Together – A Special Adoption Story
October 27, 2022

At our October Monthly Meeting, we will continue to focus on adoption, reinforcing the beauty of this option for unplanned pregnancies. Just as every birth story is unique, so is every adoption story. Our guests, Jason and Kristin, will share the very special story of Madison, whom they fostered as a newborn and adopted at […]

Adoption – A Wonderful Option
September 2022

At the September Monthly Meeting, LifeFirst hosts, Sean and Gabby, had an enlightening conversation with Nathan Crumby, adopted son of Brian and Anita Crumby, and New Life Adoptions representative, Trisha Riggs. Nathan’s mother made the loving choice to allow others to give her child the life she could not. Watch September Video Now The history […]

The Babies are Coming. . .What’s Next?
August 2022

In Texas, the babies are coming… are you ready? By knowing how to assist a mom in need, you can help make a precious baby’s entrance into the world a joyous, hope-filled occasion!  Our August Monthly Meeting featured three pro-life ministries and the unique ways they serve women, both emotionally and materially. If you were […]

Serving Women and Saving Babies
June 2022

Recordings for this meeting are now available! If you were unable to attend our June Monthly Meeting, click the link below to learn how Sylvia and her staff not only save babies’ lives, but also change women’s lives for the better! Sylvia Johnson – June Monthly Meeting Video We were fortunate to also have Representative […]

Sidewalk Assistance Needed More Than Ever
March 2022

This month, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission reported that abortions in Texas have dropped by almost half since the Heartbeat Law was passed. However, as this CNN article reports, many Texas women are seeking abortions in neighboring states.   We must continue attitude change to recognize the personhood of the unborn and push […]

How Legal Abortion Serves Sexual Predators
February 2022

The pro-abortion movement has attracted some downright reprehensible allies. It should come as no surprise that an industry that disregards life would attract others that do the same. Access to legal abortion is a necessary part of the sex trade and the abortion industry is one of its greatest enablers, as this symbiotic relationship greatly […]

Pro-life Sanctuary Cities
Saving Lives, Shaping Law
January 2022

As a state and a nation, we are in unprecedented times. For almost 50 years, pro-life advocates have waited for the Supreme Court to revisit Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, praying to see them overturned. In the meantime, states have tried, unsuccessfully, to enact legislation to significantly restrict abortion. But one man […]

Pro-Life Lessons from Kingdom Dogs
October 2021

Watch Recording Sometimes, simple truths are most powerfully communicated when seen in a different way….perhaps even through the eyes of a dog. Kingdom Dog Ministries (KDM) uses Labrador Retrievers to teach obedience and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Using dogs as a visual illustration, they blend humor with simple and timeless biblical truths. KDM’s […]

The Inherent Value of a Life
September 2021

Watch Recording Now No Limbs Required The call to eliminate the disabled has never been more blatant.  While denying a eugenics’ motive, many in our own country advocate the lifting of abortion restrictions in the case of disability.  The result of such laws can be seen in countries like Iceland, where only 2-3 Down Syndrome […]

A Secular Pro-Life Perspective
May 2021

The recording of this meeting is now available! Click the link below! Watch Video LifeFirst’s May Monthly Meeting highlights a rapidly growing sector of the pro-life movement. Guest speaker, Kelsey Hazzard, was a student at the University of Miami when she recognized that non-religious pro-lifers needed a place to connect.  So at 19 years old, […]

Ableism: A Threat to Us All
January 2021

Zechariah Hetzler was born with floppy infant syndrome, club feet, and a heart defect.  At one year old, he was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy.  After his muscular issues began to affect his lungs, he was placed permanently on a ventilator at age 2 and relied on a wheelchair for mobility.  In 1999, […]

LifeFirst’s Pro-Life Scholars
August 2020

Every January, thousands of Americans unite in Washington DC for the annual March for Life. According to this article from The Federalist, approximately one-quarter of those in attendance are high school and college-aged, proudly emphasizing the point with signs declaring “I am the Pro-Life Generation!” LifeFirst is dedicated to helping our young people find this […]

Abortion’s Toll on the Black Community
July 2020

With the current societal discussion regarding racism, our July Monthly Meeting focused on the disregard for black lives via abortion. If you were not able to join us for this timely and lively discussion, please enjoy the recording! Watch Video Catherine Davis of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition states, “The black community doesn’t have another 46 years […]

Stem Cell Therapy: Pro-Life or Anti-Life
June 2020

If you missed our online meeting on Stem Cell Therapy, we encourage you to listen to the recording!  It is jam-packed with information about the current state of stem cell therapy in our country and beyond.  Our guests not only share their personal experiences, but also invaluable information for anyone considering stem cell therapy. Watch […]

Local Pregnancy Care Centers Answer the Call
May 2020

As the third month of the Covid-19 crisis draws to a close, our May Monthly Meeting will spotlight our area pregnancy care centers, who have continued to provide services during this critical time.  With abortions resuming in Texas following Governor Abbott’s temporary ban on elective surgery, the pregnancy care centers are again a vital alternative […]

Medication Abortions
April 2020

While Governor Abbott’s ban on surgical abortion in response to COVID-19 remains in effect, medication abortions were allowed to resume in Texas last week.  Medication abortions account for about 39% of abortions in the United States, and the trend is for that to increase.  In many European nations, medication abortions constitute 60% or more.   Theresa Camara of Houston Coalition for Life will speak […]

A History of the Unborn
February 2020

If you missed our monthly meeting on the History of the Unborn, we encourage you to listen to the recording!  Our guest speaker, Dr. Anthony Joseph, Professor of History at Houston Baptist University, has many areas of specialization. But his extensive research and instruction on the history of the unborn in America sets him apart. […]

Surviving “Locked-In” Syndrome
January 2020

Though the issue of abortion is paramount, the sanctity of a life must be protected along its entire continuum, from conception to natural death.  Through an accident or medical emergency, any one of us could become a victim of the current anti-life climate. In these cases, pressure from medical professionals and even denial of care […]