40 Days for Life

Group participating in 40 Days for Life40 Days for Life is a biannual, international pro-life campaign comprised of three components:

  • Prayer and Fasting
  • Peaceful Vigil
  • Community Outreach

Each spring and fall, LifeFirst sponsors the vigil outside Planned Parenthood-Spring. LifeFirst recruits individuals to participate and hosts a kickoff rally at the start of each campaign. To enhance campaign visibility as part of the Community Outreach component we make 40 Days for Life yard signs, t-shirts and other materials available. 

Prayer is a simple and effective way to help end abortion!  Every campaign 40 Days for Life receives reports of babies’ lives being saved, heartache being averted, abortion workers leaving the industry, and abortion facilities closing.  Please sign up for LifeFirst emails or like our Facebook so you can be alerted and participate in this powerful movement.  You will be partnering with pro-lifers across the globe to end abortion world-wide!

Life First also encourages prayer throughout the year outside of abortion facilities. Please click here for more information.