Pro-life Scholarships

Life at Lone Star College!

Each year, LifeFirst sponsors pro-life scholarships for students enrolled in the Lone Star College system.  Scholars can earn up to $2,000 per school term by starting or maintaining a pro-life club on campus.  These pro-life scholars are building a stronger commitment to life among youth in our community.

The scholarship recipients we support impact their fellow students at a very pivotal stage of life.  Junior colleges offer the unique opportunity to engage with students of all ages – dual credit high school students, those just beginning their college careers, and  even older adults returning to school.

Having a voice for life on our area campuses is changing our culture for the future NOW!  We must continue to invest in the lives of our young adults and encourage them to voice their beliefs to see change. By making a contribution to LifeFirst, we can continue to support pro-life scholars.


LifeFirst offers multiple scholarships for students attending LSC campuses.  Each scholar receives $2,000 per school term with a commitment of 50 hours toward promoting a pro-life culture on campus.


If you are a student who is currently or will be enrolled in LSC for the 2020-21 school term and you are passionate about impacting your generation with the pro-life message, then you are eligible!

Simply complete an online application and you will be contacted for a personal interview.


June 14, 2020


Please email with questions.