Weekly Prayer Vigil

Every Saturday morning from 8:00-9:30, LifeFirst volunteers gather to pray and offer alternatives to abortion outside the Planned Parenthood-Spring facility at 4747 Louetta.  We encourage you to join us then, or better yet, pick an alternate time and abortion facility location that works best for you! Our goal is to have someone offering prayer and help outside abortion facilities every minute they are open.

We have had women thank us and tell us of their decision not to abort simply because they saw someone praying. Often the women noted that they did not even speak to the people – just seeing their presence in prayer was enough to change the women’s minds!  A prayerful presence is indeed powerful!  You can be that last lifeline of help to a baby at risk and a young woman in crisis. 

Two people and PP sign (2)
Man talking to male client at PP Resized (2)
What is accomplished:
  • Things change spiritually as we pray.
  • When women or men approach us, we give them tangible information regarding area pregnancy care centers through our Health Services List. The Health Services List quickly provides contact information for the PCCs on one side as well as resources for reduced cost and free general medical care on the other side.  Please print the Health Services List and take it with you when you pray outside abortion facilities.
  • Our ministry doesn’t stop with Planned Parenthood clients! By placing ourselves in a public location, we also have the opportunity to share the sanctity of life with the greater community. Individuals come over to talk, ask questions, challenge us and share their own abortion stories. These conversations are invaluable. In these moments, we can touch the hearts and minds of our neighbors. In turn, we hope they will then share with their friends, family and peers.
  • We are ministering even to those passing by. Giving a friendly wave to someone who looks our way makes a small impact on their day and demonstrates the peaceful, loving nature of pro-life efforts.
  • Standing in front of abortion facilities testifies to the atrocities happening within. Our presence in prayer speaks to the silent majority, reminding them that abortion is wrong.
Come make a difference!

We invite you to join us in prayer and please have the Health Services List available.  

For the Planned Parenthood-Spring location at 4747 Louetta, please avoid parking in the lot in front of Planned Parenthood or the small business center just east of the facility. We recommend parking along a residential street or in one of the larger parking lots. Remember, prayer has the power to change.

Large group at PP