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Prayer is at the heart of ending abortion and euthanasia.


Get equipped with a ready answer spoken in love regarding the value of life 


Help give hope outside abortion facilities – informing women about pregnancy centers  


Healing Following Abortion

July Monthly Meeting 7/30

Lana Sanders knows the trauma and despair of abortion.  Thankfully, she found healing and has since helped many like herself and her husband find peace and forgiveness.  At the July Monthly Meeting Lana will share her story of restoration following her two abortions and her husband Ray’s involvement in another.  She has just completed the second edition of her book, But I Can’t Forgive Myself, where she shares her unique perspective on the message of God’s redemption.

Pro-life Scholarships

LifeFirst is now accepting scholarship applications for students attending Lone Star College during the 2020-21 term.  Are you passionate about the pro-life message?  Do you want to make an impact for life on your campus?  If so, click here for eligibility and additional information on this exciting opportunity!

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Young Adult Outreach

Student Activities

The next generation chooses the direction of our nation’s culture. LifeFirst educates children and young adults, then encourages students to find their voice. Learn more about our contests, scholarships and student opportunities.


Throughout the year, LifeFirst hosts a variety of events to raise awareness about the value of each human life and motivate action to protect life.  Events include weekly prayer, monthly educational meetings, student contests, 40 Days for Life vigils, Life Chain, Dinner for Life and more.