Healing Following Abortion                                              July Monthly Meeting 7/30

Lana Sanders knows the trauma and despair of abortion.  Thankfully, she found healing and has since helped many like herself and her husband find peace and forgiveness.  At the July Monthly Meeting Lana will share her story of restoration following her two abortions and her husband Ray’s involvement in another.  In her book, But I Can’t Forgive Myself, she shares her unique perspective on the message of God’s redemption.   For more info click here.


Weekly Prayer Vigil

We invite you to join us in prayer at the Spring location of Planned Parenthood every Saturday morning from 8:00 to 9:30. Since its opening in 2013, pro-lifers have maintained a steady prayer presence outside the facility. If you plan to pray with us at Planned Parenthood, please take the time to print our Health Services List so you can offer alternatives to men and women.  Get more info here.