The October 6 40 Days blog post caught my attention with the title “Day 10: A Sinking Ship”. It mentioned how Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities, despite their apparent desire to have us believe the majority of the US is pro-choice, have been closing multiple locations in recent times. The post went on to read that 40 Days for Life can proudly take ownership in helping lead over half of abortion facility closures after the holding of vigils. They have also helped lead to the transition out of abortion work of over 250 staff members!

Truly this is God’s hand at work through 40 Days for Life participants who are willing to show up and be a vessel for prayer and a presence for change! Dr. Voddie Baucham once said in a sermon, “No one fights harder than a foe who knows he’s about to be defeated.” Planned Parenthood is loud because they know they are losing. Their lies are catching up to them and their blatant disregard for life – whether it be the unborn child or the parents – and for truth is being revealed. Dr. Baucham went on to say in his sermon “… if we are engaged in mission, and we are engaged in warfare, then we must be engaged in prayer”.

All of us here are engaged in the mission of fighting the fight for life. So as we fight, let us remember one of our greatest weapons is prayer! In case anyone is unsure of what to pray, we have resources for you to print for yourself and any group you may be attending alongside. Truly God has orchestrated 40 Days for Life to be an organization that is acutely aware of its mission.

We as participants are able to gather and engage in the fight for life as we employ prayer and presence as two of our greatest tactics. For those women, families, or workers that we have the privilege of speaking to, let’s remember too that our impact does not have to end with our conversation – take a moment afterwards to write down their name and keep praying for them as The Spirit leads.

Thank you for your continued commitment to supporting life!
Brittany P.
Spring – Leader