Recordings for this meeting are now available!

If you were unable to attend our June Monthly Meeting, click the link below to learn how Sylvia and her staff not only save babies’ lives, but also change women’s lives for the better!

Sylvia Johnson – June Monthly Meeting Video

We were fortunate to also have Representative Steve Toth speak about the legislative ramifications of the Dobbs decision. Click the link below to hear his comments.

Rep. Steve Toth – June Monthly Meeting Video

Today, many see chemical abortion (RU-486) as the future of abortion, even advocating for DIY abortions via mail-order pills. Chemical abortion accounts for 54% of abortions in the nation, according to the Guttmacher Institute.  52% of abortions in Texas are chemical abortions according to Texas Health and Human Services data.

Our guest speaker, Sylvia Johnson, is the founder and executive director of Houston Pregnancy Help Center.  For 37 years, she has helped women and men in abortion-targeted communities choose life.  HPHC has been a powerful presence in the Third and Fifth Wards, and in surrounding communities as well through their Medical Mobile Unit.  

HPHC has recently become one of the first pregnancy resource centers to offer Abortion Pill Reversal. APR is a medical protocol that can save the baby if a mother changes her mind before taking the second pill for the chemical abortion. 

Not only does the abortion pill kill a baby, but it also exposes women to risks. While repeatedly touted as safe for women, updated data from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reveals that 22 women have died and thousands have been hospitalized after taking it.  Sylvia will share valuable information about the abortion pill, the challenges we face in the future, and how HPHC help for women who regret the decision to take it.

Sylvia has received national and international recognition for her service, including Heartbeat International’s Servant Leadership and Lifetime Achievement awards and Abby Johnson’s Pro-Life Legacy award. Follow the video link above to learn from one of the frontline warriors of the pro-life movement!