Anthony Joseph, PhD

If you missed our monthly meeting on the History of the Unborn, we encourage you to listen to the recording!  Our guest speaker, Dr. Anthony Joseph, Professor of History at Houston Baptist University, has many areas of specialization. But his extensive research and instruction on the history of the unborn in America sets him apart.

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As tension surrounding the abortion debate strengthens, so does the temptation on each side to accuse the other of ignorance. The loss of innocent human life justifies an emotionally charged reaction, but it is equally important to be intellectually informed. We as humans make decisions with our head and heart, so we need information and stories to speak to both.

Wax model – late 18C/early 19C

Dr. Joseph’s discusses how the unborn have been viewed historically in this nation. Is it accurate to say we want to see our nation “return” to one that values life? Why is this knowledge important? Dr. Joseph’s information-packed presentation answers these questions and provides us with a foundational understanding of our history on this topic. For a more extensive study, complete with articles, reviews, texts, films, and videos, visit his website, The Unborn Child: A History.

According to Dr. Joseph, it is important for us to understand why “people of the past believe and speak and act as they did—and what does their record tell us about human nature, about God, about the ultimate purpose of our lives?” For more on Dr. Joseph’s unique philosophy on the teaching and understanding of history, visit Honors College News: Notes from Halfway There.

We hope you enjoy the recording!

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