With the current societal discussion regarding racism, our July Monthly Meeting focused on the disregard for black lives via abortion. If you were not able to join us for this timely and lively discussion, please enjoy the recording!

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Catherine Davis of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition states, “The black community doesn’t have another 46 years to suffer at the hands of Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers, because 20 million black lives have already been lost to abortion since 1973….That’s more than the entire black population in 1960s America.”  

On July 30 we had a lively panel discussion featuring Revs. Brian and Denise Walker of Rich in Mercy Ministries, Eugene Pack & Juluette Bartlett-Pack, founders of Texas Black Americans for Life and LEARN—Life Education and Research Network, and Pastor David Hill of Restoration Community Church, located in the Third Ward. 

Brian and Denise Walker

These speakers passionately share the truth that all black lives matter…including those in the womb.  Abortion is always tragic, but in the black community it is especially prevalent, with 40% of all pregnancies ending in abortion. To understand this dynamic, we must understand the eugenic principles behind the abortion movement and Planned Parenthood, which continues to target minority communities. 

Revs. Brian and Denise Walker have been involved in the pro-life movement for many years. Brian has been the program director for Pro-Life Action Ministries and together, they founded the National Black Pro-Life Coalition. In addition to teaching and participating in sidewalk counseling, Brian and Denise run Rich in Mercy Ministries, where those wounded by abortion and miscarriage can find help and healing.

Pastor Eugene Pack
Dr. Juluette Bartlett-Pack

Pastor Eugene Pack and Dr. Juluette Bartlett-Pack have been involved in our community in multiple capacities.  Together, they opened the first crisis pregnancy center in a predominantly black neighborhood – Family Assistance Center. They also founded Texas Black Americans for Life and co-founded LEARN, a pro-life network located in 22 states.  Assistant Pastor Pack serves at Houston Praise and Worship Center, where the Packs have been members for 31 years.  Pastor Pack is a man of many talents – in 2006 he was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame! Dr. Juluette Bartlett-Pack is a retired educator who served as Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences from Devry University—Houston.  She is also the author of the pamphlet “Abortion – The Black Woman’s Voice.”

Pastor David and Melissa Hill and family

Pastor David Hill is the senior pastor of Restoration Community Church in Houston.  After graduating from Texas Southern University in 1996, he was employed as a juvenile probation officer while also serving as a youth pastor in his local church in the third ward.  As a young married couple, David and his wife, Melissa, spent 5 years ministering to inner city communities in Chicago, Atlanta, and Jackson, MS.  Pastor Hill help found Restoration Community Church in 2010.  David and Melissa have four children: Asni, David, Journey and Grace. A special focus of Pastor Hill is the loss of life due to abortion.

We as a nation must recognize and protect the dignity of all people.  That begins by defending their lives in the womb.   

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